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 Virtual learning strategies for a post-COVID world

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The dispersed Customer Care workforce is not going away.  While CX organizations have worked around the basic technical challenges, learning and development, agent engagement, and performance management are still major issues.  In this interactive paper we will go deep on how to bring your Virtual Learning program into the future to reduce costs, grow customers, and drive revenue.

The major challenges with virtual learning 


What are you trying to accomplish?

Grow revenue. Reduce costs. Retain customers.  Great Virtual Learning starts with definition and prioritization of business goals.


What does your learning journey look like?

Curriculum connects objectives to behaviors.  Are you programing the critical elements of every engagement to deliver the desired result?


From processes to instructors, what does it take to operationalize success?

Using the right people, processes, and technology to deliver curriculum and then responsively measuring and curating courses drives success.


Do you have the tech stack to win?

The majority of CX organizations were dependent on classroom training, so investment in Virtual Learning technologies and infrastructure suffered.  That needs to change.

Defined. Designed. Delivered.

Many CX organizations have been through a ten-year roadmap for transformative change in just the last 12 months.  We all know why.  The pandemic changed every rule, made us reimagine every process, redesign every system, and made performance that would never be acceptable in normal times a victory in COVID-time.  And while we all worked more hours than any point in our careers, and moved mountains in the process, we still left many customers behind.  

Arise recently did a survey of CX leaders and when asked how their teams performed in 2020, 78% said Above Average or Excellent.  When we asked a follow up question: “How would customers rate your team’s performance in 2020?,” over 90% said Average or Below Average.  Regardless of all the sweat and change, there is still a lot of work to do to turn “the new normal” into “the new exceptional.

Nowhere is this more relevant than in CX Learning and Development.  While CX organizations found a way to make telephony work remotely and did the best they could to stand up remote security solutions, Learning and Development, to a large degree, became “PowerPoint on Zoom.”  This was the exact opposite of what needed to happen.  Much like the customers who have needed greater levels of support in the time of COVID, remote workers have needed knowledge, direction, and support more than ever.  Going from a highly regimented environment where support is a hand-raise away, to a totally autonomous environment where it’s tough to get in touch with somebody to help has left work-from-home agents on an island, with quality and results suffering.

But the dust is settling and once it does, we will find a world very different from the one we left in March of 2020.  Customers have changed in ways that will fundamentally ask more of us as CX organizations.  And our teams have changed as well.  CX will be a hybrid mix of remote and on-premise resources with great fluidity between the two.  To live in this reality, we must put Virtual Learning at the forefront of everything we do to drive success in the post-pandemic future.

True or False

You’re right, it’s False. 

By designing the right learning journey and delivering it through the right interactive platform, Arise launched a new program with 600 learners focused on the CARES Act for a major Financial Service Brand in only 72 hours

Incorrect, it’s False!

By designing the right learning journey and delivering it through the right interactive platform, Arise launched a new program with 600 learners focused on the CARES Act for a major Financial Service Brand in only 72 hours

Virtual Learning for a post-COVID world.

In this paper we are going to expose the major challenges Brands have with creating work-from-home learning and development programs and give simple, concise direction on new paths to better performance.  Along the way we are going to expose some misconceptions and ruffle some feathers but, in the end, you are going to be much more prepared to define, design, and deliver a virtual learning program that will drive success for customers and your Brand.

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