Use Case 2:

Caring, quick, and efficient Service Partners on the Arise network reduce AHT while delivering above-goal NPS


Mechanical breakdowns and automobile accidents are extremely stressful life events, and being able to provide quick, high-quality care no matter the situation is imperative for customer safety. Ensuring customer care metrics like AHT are met are essential to any contact center, but especially so in high-stress situations that this roadside assistance client experiences daily.


With nearly 3 decades of experience delivering virtual-first learning and quality assurance, Arise understands the impact support and coaching plays in creating quality CX experiences. In addition to a comprehensive learning and performance coaching program, Arise provided extra support to new Service Partners during the seasonal flex needs of this roadside assistance leader. This incremental guidance included monthly and weekly reviews, audit calls, email and voice call feedback. 


Every second counts in stranded motorist situations, and through this support, Service Partners achieved 108% of AHT goal, coming in 39 seconds under target.

Additionally, they reduced Not on Call (NOC) time by 43 seconds, achieving 158% of goal. Through these improvements, NPS improved by 2 points quarter-over-quarter, achieving 101% of goal.

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