The Countdown 

is on till Black Friday

75% of consumers tried new shopping behaviors in 2020.  How will this affect your Black Friday 2021?


August 17, 1:00 PM EST

Virtual-first CXM, with its use of the gig economy and major advances in technology, is changing all the rules of customer support.

Join Danielle Venta, Vice President of Customer Success and Rene Arguello, Sr. Director of Workforce Management, as they discuss virtual-first CXM and:


  • How progressive retail organizations can have on-demand capacity and increase utilization when contact volumes are so unpredictable.

  • How CX organizations can flex capacity intraday to meet the needs of customers ready to buy.

  • How workers in the gig-economy are improving CSAT and NPS, ensuring customer loyalty and growth.

Now is the time to make sure your organization is well-prepared for Black Friday 2021.

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The rules of Retail CX need to change. In 2020, Black Friday foot traffic declined 52% while mobile shopping accounted for over 46% of holiday sales.  What will happen in 2021? It’s anybody’s guess. In-store purchases are sure to come back, but 75% of consumers tried new shopping behaviors in 2020, driving CX contact volume up 92%. 

It’s time for progressive Customer Care organizations to focus on building capacity and massive flexibility.


It’s time to break some rules. Rules like block shift scheduling that impair optimum utilization and limit flex to meet intraday spikes.  Rules that support in-person sales training when your workforce is remote. Rules that hinder experienced, empathetic agents with true brand affinity from servicing your customers.