The virtual future of learning and development

Diane Marques | June 20th, 2022

For any CX executive in today’s workplace, meeting the hiring quota is only the first step in delivering a high level of customer satisfaction. The next order of business is training new employees--and keeping experienced ones up to speed--plus honing their customer service skills. Whether agents need to be familiar with products and services, promotions, and pricing as well as the Brand’s policies and culture, providing the necessary skills and meeting the need for learning and development is no easy task.  


The limitations of traditional BPOs are often at the heart of the matter. In a traditional, on-site call center, new agents may have little to no industry experience or brand affinity. They may need extensive training to deliver the customer experience associated with your brand, yet the lackluster classroom training offered by many organizations contributes to the attrition rate. Another reality is that agents are needed to take calls soon after they are hired with time for only minimal training. It’s little wonder companies that rely solely on traditional BPO models fall short when it comes to delivering a satisfactory customer and employee experience.

Traditional Callcenter

Expanding the talent pool

With a Gig-CX solution, agents can be located anywhere offering a wider variety of talented agents, more flexible time availability, and more motivated candidates. Customer experience leaders can also choose from knowledgeable agents and individuals with strong product knowledge or brand affinity, regardless of their location.


According to Gallup, 36% of US workers participate in the gig economy for a primary wage or to supplement their current income. That number is likely to rise as millennials and Gen Z look at gig work as a way achieve a work/life balance.[i] More mature workers are also attracted to gig work to stay active or keep their minds sharp.[ii] That flexibility helps attract knowledgeable talent into the resource pool. For example, professional gamers who wish to take on extra work might be well-suited to answering technical hardware or software questions. The agent on the other end of a pharmaceutical company’s care hotline could be a retired health care professional. 

Technology to the rescue

The anywhere, anytime advantage of Gig-CX services is also beneficial for Learning and Development. Today, virtual learning tools are far superior to any “Powerpoint on Zoom” solutions. Interactive curriculum is another area where Gig-CX solutions stand out for the ability to offer exceptional learning experiences to workers.


While companies always want to keep an eye on the cost and time spent on training, investing in learning and development for workers results in a better customer experience. The #1 driver of customer service-driven brand loyalty in a competitive marketplace is agent knowledge, and 58% of customers need more than one contact to resolve an issue. Inadequately trained agents can lead to increased costs and unsatisfactory customer experiences, with 89% of escalations to a supervisor due to lack of agent knowledge.

Investing in learning experiences pays off: 20% of new employees resign within 45 days if they are not satisfied with the training and learning opportunities offered.

Delivering a dynamic learning and development experience is an essential component of worker satisfaction. In fact, we found that 20% of all new learners resign within 45 days due to poor learning experiences. Some gig workers are attracted to the extra work to increase their skills, training, and knowledge, and offering learning experiences can help attract and retain quality talent. Virtual learning offers an opportunity to provide Gig-CX team members with the learning opportunities they need to be successful and take pride in their work.

Gamification for the win

Arise utilizes virtual-first instructors and works with our clients to develop remote curriculum that is highly interactive and designed to accommodate different learning styles, including auditory, visual, kinesthetic, self-driven, and more. Learning modules may incorporate gamification, interactive assessments, and immediate feedback. Curriculum is tailored specifically to build strengths, measure performance, and ensure prompt completion of assigned modules.


As the curriculum is designed, instructional designers and subject matter experts help create instructive training modules that are clear, engaging, and impactful. According to McKinsey, “Breaking a long curriculum or module into discrete, bite-size components allows managers to be more precise in their training recommendations so that gig employees can get up to speed as efficiently as possible.”[i]


Training fuels 25% sales growth

To increase sales of warranty and protection plans, Arise enhanced the virtual-learning program of a major home improvement retailer by using mock sales calls and virtual support rooms for active agents. The virtual learning program helped the retailer grow sales 25% in Year 1 and 39% in Year 2.

A virtual learning approach can also reduce training time and give gig workers more flexibility. Self-directed learning experiences allow workers to finish modules during slow periods and work at their own pace. They can even take advantage of mobile apps to learn during downtime or on the go.


Virtual learning helps companies prepare agents to talk to customers quickly. By designing the right learning journey and delivering it through the right interactive platform, Arise launched a new program to prepare 600 agents to answer questions on the CARE Act for a major financial service brand in only 72 hours.


An AI-powered future

The future of Gig-CX virtual learning includes AI-powered tools such as augmented and virtual reality to provide hands-on skills training.[i] Other tools will be able to detect critical phases in an agent’s conversations with customers and provide auto-generated performance support. For example, voice recognition technology senses customer sentiment and alerts the agent to the next best action and when to alert support resources.


Technology plays an essential role in learning and development for Gig-CX workers, and Arise continues to be at the forefront of innovations and best practices in virtual learning. We are ready to apply our expertise and to develop training solutions suited to your situation and your workforce. Please schedule an appointment to learn how Arise can deliver results for your organization.




[1] Gupta, Jacobson, Kline, Mehndiratta, and Raabe.

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