Gig-CX is the future of Customer Care

With chaotic volume spikes across more channels than ever, CX leaders cannot continue to do things the same way. You have to change.
Gig-CX is allowing Brands to flex capacity up to 200% intraday while delivering 90% utilization and hitting #1 in NPS over Traditional BPOs.
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“How Gig-CX is Radically Transforming Customer Care”

In this whitepaper you will learn about 5 ways CX is changing in the post-COVID world:

  • How Gig-CX gives Brands access to a much broader and more experienced talent pool
  • Why capacity planning is radically different with new scheduling capabilities
  • Why Virtual-First Learning and Development drives faster rollouts and better quality
  • How Gig-CX workers deliver better quality by choosing the Brands they love
  • How Brands are saving millions of dollars through better productivity, efficiency and innovation

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