PX Maturity Model

Player Experience, An End-to-End Approach 

Player experience planning does not begin with Customer Support. It starts with the development cycle. Jonathan Shroyer discusses the importance of having a seat at the table to develop an end-to-end PX strategy, fostering both engagement and value.

A Holistic Approach to Player Experience

Jonathan and Nate discuss the origin of the Player Experience Maturity model and how it can greatly accelerate PX results. Built as a holistic product spanning eight pillars of service excellence, it will make the path forward exceptionally clear.

Player Experience, A Customized Framework

Player Experience is a dynamic and ever-changing field. John and Jonathan discuss the collaborative and evolutionary approach of the Player Experience Maturity Model. The process of co-creation is what makes the engagement especially relevant and helpful long-term.

Join Sean Wisdom, Jonathan Shroyer, John Pompei and Nate Brown for an exciting player experience conversation.

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