Creating Superfans:

The Definitive Guide to

Player Experience

The competition in the gaming space is fierce. Long gone are the days of “publish and hope.” Game studios must be intentional to create a compelling journey across the entire lifecycle of the player, and earn the all-important superfan.

We know how it’s done.


Having worked for decades with many of the top gaming publishers in the world, we co-create best-in-class player experiences while maximizing value to stakeholders. In “The Definitive Guide to Player Experience” you will learn:
  • How to keep the player “in flow” with optimized game quality and testing practices
  • Building the type of community ecosystem where players can express identity and forge meaningful relationships
  • Game engagement and retention strategies that minimize friction and earns long-term loyalty
  • Understanding the critical role of MVP’s in the overall growth of the game
If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that happy players play more! 
Let this resource be your guide on the path to engagement and accelerated growth.

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