The Arise® Platform is now available in India

Arise’s services marketplace platform provides CX agents with an opportunity to connect to the world’s largest brands AND for those brands to tap into a pool of talented gig agents in India. Our network of Indian Service Partners spans the entire country distributing economic opportunity well past traditional customer service hubs and ensuring customers get the best access India has to offer!

India Capabilities

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CX Maturity Model

Omni-Channel Support

and Solutions

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Design Lab

The India CX Advantage

Known as the first major BPO hub, India has maintained its status as the global leader in outsourcing through intentional focus and innovation, currently handling over 50% of the world’s business process outsourcing. Benefits of the Arise India solution are:

Technical Capabilities:

A focus on advanced, technical education throughout the country creates a well-educated workforce equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Established CX Success:

Already a source of talented team members of Arise Gaming, Arise India will continue to be on the leading edge of technology and digital platforms.

International Language Hub:

In addition to being the world’s second-largest English-speaking population, there are many other fluencies, including French, Mandarin Chinese, along with numerous others.

Government Support:

A strong government commitment to the growth of the business services sector creates a stable environment to cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Meet the India Team

John Pompei, Arise India Leader

John is the Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Arise. Before joining Arise, John held CX leadership positions at Officium Labs, EA, Sears, and  Microsoft. John is well known for his CX thought leadership, strategy building, and implementing solutions for customers across the globe. His ability to blend the use of technology with the human element has enabled his teams to be recognized for excellence in customer experience and support. Throughout his career, John has many experiences working with teams in India, fostering growth and development across the globally-distributed teams.

Junaid Sandanampusi, Arise India Country Manager

Junaid is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in building and leading teams across the globe. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in team building, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation. Having taken on multiple entrepreneurial ventures, Junaid is no stranger to the challenges and rewards of starting and growing businesses. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his strategic vision and strong focus on customer success has enabled him to contribute across various industries

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