PX Maturity Model


Starting PX journey early as part of development cycle...total end to end solution 

Player experience planning does not begin with Customer Support. It starts with the development cycle. Jonathan Shroyer discusses the importance of having a seat at the table to develop an end-to-end PX strategy, fostering both engagement and value

Overview of PX maturity model
and it's unique approach:

Jonathan and Nate discuss the origin of the Player Experience Maturity model and how it can greatly accelerate PX results. Built as a holistic product spanning eight pillars of service excellence, it will make the path forward exceptionally clear.


PX maturity model is always evolving, as well as being customized for individual gaming publishers and game

Player Experience is a dynamic and ever-changing field. John and Jonathan discuss the collaborative and evolutionary approach of the Player Experience Maturity Model. The process of co-creation is what makes the engagement especially relevant and helpful long-term.

Join Sean Wisdom, Jonathan Shroyer, John Pompei and Nate Brown for an exciting player experience conversation.

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