The Arise Difference:
GigCX vs. Traditional BPO

Keen insights from NelsonHall and Arise Virtual Solutions on managing CX costs with best practices in workforce and talent management.
by Rick Sanchez

Sr. Leader​, CX Cost Transformation​​
Arise Virtual Solutions


The Arise Difference: The Cost Savings of Flex GigCX

Across industries, the unexpected has become the norm these past few years, and organizations must be prepared for the ever-changing shifts of inbound messaging. Sudden volume spikes can be handled quickly with the flexibility created by the Arise® Platform. Only with Arise is there a cost-effective solution to scale up your CX to meet unplanned demand.


In this “what if” analysis, Rick Sanchez, Sr. Leader of Cost Transformation, shares how the Arise® Platform taps into the power of the gig economy to flex up instantaneously to meet an unplanned spike in contacts.

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The Arise Difference: The Quality of Human-Centric CX


The BFSI sector is facing some strong economic headwinds. Whether it’s the looming recession, geopolitical uncertainty, inflation, competition, or the basic need for sustainable growth, the pressure to contain costs is real.


But you can’t do it at the expense of your customer experience.


There is a right time and place for AI and bots but did you know that 88% of customers prefer email and 80% prefer phone as engagement channels? Especially in the BFSI space. Aside from your health, there is nothing more personal than your money and belongings.

It’s time to think of new ways to contain costs without sacrificing that quality human connection.

Learn more from Rick Sanchez, Sr. Leader of Cost Transformation on how the Arise® Platform delivers quality CX.

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The Arise Difference: Total Partnership Value


With nearly 30 years of experience, Arise continues to pioneer safe, secure, high-quality work-from-home customer experiences in the financial services industry.


Throughout the previous three videos, Rick Sanchez shared how the Arise® Platform can help improve and enhance a brand’s productivity, flexibility, and quality. In this final video of the four-part series, learn the total value Arise brings to larger partnerships.


Looking for a CX solution custom to your brand? Plug in your brand’s exact numbers in our TPV Calculator tool here to learn the total cost savings your brand can experience with GigCX.

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Arise generates real cost savings. Learn how we can revolutionize your brand’s CX today.