The Arise Difference:
GigCX vs. Traditional BPO

Keen insights from NelsonHall and Arise Virtual Solutions on managing CX costs with best practices in workforce and talent management.

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Rick Sanchez

Sr. Leader​, CX Cost Transformation​​
Arise Virtual Solutions


03.39 min

The Arise Difference: GigCX vs. Traditional BPO


If the first quarter of 2023 is any indication, we are in for a rollercoaster of a year. With rising interest rates, a possible recession, and fluctuations in the global economy, being able to adapt to changes as they come is vital for success, especially in Banking and Financial Services.

The people using your products and services are your number one priority, and providing accurate, timely service is necessary to retain your current customers, as well as grow your business despite challenging circumstances.

Arise is here to help. The flexibility created by the Arise® Platform’s disruptive, 30-minute scheduling model generates real cost savings of up to 26% without sacrificing—and in many cases, improving—CX quality. Brick-and-mortar BPOs’ rigid, traditional scheduling creates overstaffing, resulting in excess costs and “acceptable failure”, whereas Arise can put capacity right on your contact volume curve.

In this quick video, join Rick Sanchez, Sr. Leader of Cost Transformation, as he shares the real cost savings Arise generates.

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