Arise Talent Network and Platform,
A New Way To Support Players

Leveraging Game Superfans

John Pompei, SVP of Gaming at Arise, discusses the unique power of leveraging game superfans. Often these unique resources inside of the Arise Talent Network can bring value over multiple avenues...including quality testing, game support, and community enhancement.

Player Support, A Flexible Model

The unique ability to flex support resources upwards of 200% gives gaming studios the ability to overcome unexpected challenges. John Pompei discusses the power of "burst capacity" to maintain player loyalty and engagement.

Seamless Player Experience

When the right technology is combined with the right resources, remarkable player experiences are the result. Jonathan Shroyer discusses the importance of agent assist and associated technologies.

L&D- An Essential Component of Player Support

John Pompei discusses the importance of Learning and Development as related to ramp time and preparing for the unexpected.

Arise Platform + Player Experience

The Arise Platform can help gaming companies to accelerate their player experience transformation.

Join Sean Wisdom, Jonathan Shroyer, John Pompei and Nate Brown for an exciting player experience conversation.

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