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now available in Jamaica


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Discover the Arise Advantage in Jamaica


As the leader in providing flexible staffing models to meet your customer demand, Arise is bringing more opportunities to the Jamaican gig economy than ever before with our rapidly expanding Service Partner network in Jamaica

Why Arise Jamaica?


Expert network of gig workers



Cost-saving benefits up to 32%


Up to 60% cost savings over onshore operations


Flex capacity up to 200% intraday


What sets Jamaica apart?



Political stability in Jamaica


English proficiency of agents


Well-versed in multiple verticals


Strong cultural affinity with the US market


Jamaica Capabilities

Contact center



agent assist


CX Maturity Model

Omni-Channel Support

and Solutions

as a service


Design Lab

The Jamaica CX Advantage

Just a 90-minute flight from our home base in South Florida, Jamaica boasts many distinct advantages for continued CX success:

  • Highly-skilled Workforce:
    A friendly, caring, and educated workforce with strong English communication skills. They are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and building strong relationships with customers.
  • Unlimited Capacity:
    The large network of GigCX workers on the Arise® Platform are available to provide customer care on demand.
  • Safety and Security:
    Skilled GigCX workers are comfortable providing support from home. With proprietary technology, customer data remains safe and secure.
  • Business Continuity:
    Jamaica’s location is resilient to natural disasters and boasts a strong telecom infrastructure. The dispersed work-from-home Arise model eliminates a single point of failure due to technology failings at captive sites. It also saves time and reduces pollution caused by tiring commutes to and from work. 
  • Block Scheduling:
    30-minute scheduling supports up to -14 FTEs, +17% productivity, 600% seasonal flexible scheduling, and up to 32% cost savings

Meet the Jamaica Team

Judith Rodriguez, Arise Jamaica Leader

Judith is a seasoned professional with more than 23 years in the business process outsourcing industry.  Her professional career has concentrated on developing and managing key client relationships, delivering world-class outsourced services, and driving organizational growth strategies.

Judith is a leader with proven experience retaining and growing Fortune 500 customer relationships by exceeding customer targets and building strong teams.

Ryan Grala, Arise Jamaica Country Manager

Ryan is a customer-focused leader with nearly 20 years in the BPO industry. With strong skills in creating and cultivating relationships across and through teams and departments, Ryan has partnered with a diverse range of clients to foster emotional touchpoints that keep both customers and clients connected. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Call Center Experience?

"Aruba, Jamaica,
ooh, I wanna meet ya."

Fill out the form below to schedule a meet-up in Jamaica.