Legendary CX Career Spotlight

Our latest "CX Career Spotlight" features
the amazing Heidi Solomon-Orlick!

Our latest "CX Career Spotlight" features the amazing Heidi Solomon-Orlick, SVP of Business Development for Arise Virtual Solutions! A 35-year industry veteran in the CX space, Heidi has been recognized as the "Worldwide Sales Executive of the Year" and "Women of the Year in Sales" in 2021 by the Stevie Awards. In addition to leading the Mid-Market and Sales Enablement teams for Arise, Heidi is the Founder and CEO of GirlzWhoSell an organization focused in increasing diversity in professional sales. Heidi authored a ground-breaking book called "Heels To Deals: How Women Are Dominating In B2B Sales", and has been a vocal advocate for women in both CX and sales. 
Heidi had an unexpected burnout moment after quickly advancing in the ad agency business. A chance lunch encounter with an acquaintance would put Heidi on a new trajectory, and the rest is CX history! Join us for this exciting, authentic, and encouraging view into the life of one amazing person.
Meet our host:
Nate Brown, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Arise

He is a perpetual student of the world’s greatest experiences and the people who create them. Having spent the first decade of this career managing a complex technical support environment for Occupational Health and eLearning software, Nate transitioned to Customer Experience in 2015. After authoring The CX Primer, Brown was dubbed the “CX Influencer of the Year” by CloudCherry in 2019, and a top global CX thought leader by ICMI, Exceeders, Netomi, Martech and many more. Nate currently serves as the Senior Director of Customer Experience for Arise Virtual Solutions and can be found at a variety of conferences speaking and training on the CX topics he loves.

Arise polled 3,500+ consumers across 9 verticals in a quantitative and qualitative study that covers everything from the main drivers of customer loyalty to perspectives on automated systems. 


With no specific brand or product focus, “The Truth About Customer Care” is the broadest study on Consumers’ experiences with customer care channels, systems, and agents to date.