Use Case 2:

Highly capable service partners on
the Arise network reduce AHT by 11%


Response times are the #1 frustration of customers, with 54% of customers saying it takes 4-10+ minutes to get to an agent according to Arise’s “The Truth About Customer Care”. Each second on hold leads to increased frustration for the customer which can impact agent morale as well.


In addition to a custom designed Virtual-First Learning and Development program, the Arise Best Start program creates highly personalized Performance Facilitation program for Service Partners. This program includes access to dedicated resources, call evaluations, focused huddles, and tailored content in Arise’s social and knowledge management platform.


These resources allow mature, experienced Service Partners to assimilate content quickly so they can work productively while delivering great CX.


Arise’s virtual-first learning program combined with the Best Start program allowed this home security giant to decrease AHT by 11% while resolving 75% of contacts during the first engagement. 

The holistic nature of Arise’s learning and support program decreased speed to proficiency by 6% while increasing agent satisfaction by 19%.

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