Customer Experience Elevation
from The Arise® Platform

Transformation with

Traditional BPO customer care hasn’t changed in over 40 years. These antiquated models of Customer Experience Management are as costly as they are inefficient.  Robert Padron, Chief Growth Officer, takes you through why The Arise® Platform is breaking every rule of traditional CXM to deliver better care while saving Brands millions of dollars a year. 


2:29 min

The Arise® Platform –
Be There, Be Aware,
Be Essential

Listen to leaders from across Arise explain how The Arise® Platform’s Gig-CX solution is allowing Brands to be there for their customers on their time and their channel, while being aware of their needs, so they can be essential to their customers’ success.  


02:54 min

Customer Experience Elevation

Nate Brown, Sr. Director of Customer Experience, takes you through how Brands are moving from Customer Experience Management (CXM) to Customer Experience Elevation using The Arise® Platform.


0:40 min

the CX Workforce


Judith Rodriguez, SVP of Customer Success, provides an overview of how mature, experienced Service Partners on The Arise® Platform deliver better quality, increased utilization, and more empathetic care.


02:40 min

Reinventing Workforce Management with Gig-CX

The Arise® Platform uses the power of Gig-CX to break all the traditional rules of workforce management.  By utilizing radical new scheduling models, only available from Arise, Brands are reducing abandons while saving up to 17% on capacity costs.


03.02 min

Virtual-First Learning
and Development

Learn how The Arise® Platform is changing the game in Learning and Development for a remote or hybrid CX workforce.  New paradigms in curriculum design, gamification and virtual-first instruction are allowing Brands to grow customers, increase revenue, and build long-term relationships with customers.


03.46 min

Technology that
Elevates Customers

It’s not easy building the world’s leading Gig-CX Platform.  Listen to leaders from Arise describe how technology is enabling Brands to take advantage of the massive benefits of Gig-CX while still maintaining cost efficiency and security.


02.34 min